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The e.p.a. network stretches from Northern Europe to West Africa, from Siberia to the Carribean and South America. Every year e.p.a. creates the conditions with and for young people, youth and play workers, activists and organisations to meet, exchange, to learn from each other, celebrating intercultural understanding, Human Rights and friendship in exciting activities: International Youth Exchanges, Trainings, Seminars and Workshops.

People like you - former participants, supporters, partners, friends and fans - asked to receive information about e.p.a.'s latest projects and wanted to know about the state of play! This is our 1st edition of the e.p.a. rainbow letter and we hope you like it.

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With rainbow greetings from the e.p.a. team
Christa-Berta, Tony, Jessica, Imen, Marianna, Marja, Jonna and Remo

Let’s get media savvy! (Hamburg)

22 youth workers and youth leaders from 16 different countries came together in Hamburg in March 2018 to share their ideas, concerns and knowledge about youth social media literacy.

The training seminar “Our voice, our choice, our community - Youth workers update and enhance their media skills!” focused on the question, how to practically implement the new knowledge in local and international youth work and how to encourage young people to become active and to use their voice.

The idea for this training course came from the exciting experience of the e.p.a. partner group Eco-estilistas from Lisbon to use their Radio ZIP and other media, as tools for youth work, encouraging young people’s participation, involving the neighborhood and community.

Read and listen more on our Project webseite!

Our voice, our choice, our community (Madeira + Lisbon)

In July 2018 our Portuguese partner Eco-estilistas invited the e.p.a. "South-North” Youth Exchange with groups from seven countries to discover the island of Madeira – both its beautiful and shady sides - and to spend some intensive days in Lisbon, in their home community Chelas. It was all about media and young people’s voice!

Click to read a summary from Joana from Lisbon.

Let’s raise our voices (Odessa + Kiev)

The Ukrainian youth initiative World without borders invited 60 young people from the Russian Federation, UK, Germany and Romania to come to Odessa and Kiev, to learn and play together in August 2018.

During the two weeks we discussed the current situation of youth, problems they are facing and developed ideas, how young people can play an active role in their communities and support democratic transformation processes in their societies.

The big topics of active citizenship and human rights were examined in an understandable, lively and playful way of non-formal learning – accompanied by the Ukrainian hospitality and beautiful Black Sea landscapes.

Visit our project website!

Participation and Diversity - “All crazy – all equal” (Turku)

It is a beautiful sunny afternoon in Turku, Finland, where the e.p.a. International Training Seminar “Osallisuus nyt! Participation now! – Respecting Diversity, Discovering Equality, Celebrating Participation” took place from 23rd till 30th of May 2018.

In the educational center “Kunstenniemi”, embraced by green forests and the blue Baltic Sea, a group of 30 youth activist and youth workers from 22 countries gather together for a workshop to learn about Human Rights and Participation.

In the beginning of the workshop the participants receive a task to translate the sentence “all different, all equal” in their mother tongue. Now it is the turn of three Arabic-speaking participants to present their translation: Moad from Malta holds the paper in the air, Tasnim from Tunisia starts to read. Her reading soon changes over to laughing: ”We forgot one letter in the word “different”. Now it means “all crazy - all equal!”.

Soon the slogan becomes the playful motto of the seminar. Indeed, many of the participants often feel “crazy” when trying to continue their important projects under very challenging circumstances in their disadvantaged communities and regions. And exactly therefore the training week was so meaningful. It was a valuable opportunity to learn with and from each other and to be filled up with energy and motivation when seeing that there are people in other countries with similar visions of youth participation, solidary and civil society. “Maybe we are crazy but we are in a very good company,” Moad summarizes.

See project website!

Setting Sails for Partner-Ships! (Hamburg + Accra)

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) invited NGOs to propose project ideas for Youth Exchanges with young people from Germany and African countries - working with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). We were happy to reanimate our partnership with Act for Change from Accra and our joint proposal was approved and granted.

After intense and fruitful preparations in Hamburg and Accra and money spending for travel, accommodation and many more things we were ready to host the 1st exchange in Hamburg in April 2018 ... but experienced a huge disappointment: 11 (out of 12) people from Accra did not get a visa from the German embassy. Only the group leader was allowed to come!

We used the "exchange" time to investigate and trying to understand the reasons for the visa refusals. We talked with politicians about borders, SDGs and impeded partnerships ... we went to protest against the visa refusals in front of the Federal Foreign Office (AA) in Berlin. If we are lucky we can "repeat" this exchange in 2019.

For our project trailer and more information visit our project page!

Outlook 2019

Together with involved partner groups the e.p.a. team prepared several applications for new projects and adventures taking place in 2019.

If all grant applications will be approved, we will invite for International Youth Exchanges in Liverpool (hosted by Up4Change), in Bratislava (hosted by Ulita), in Accra (hosted by Act for Change) and in Hamburg (hosted by e.p.a.)! ...  inviting more than 150 young people to celebrate diversity and international friendship.

International training seminars in Ceuta (North-Africa/Spain) hosted by almatahiar, in Thessaloniki (Greece) hosted by Arsis Greece and in Hamburg (Germany) will invite participants to think about the concept of active citizenship under the motto: “power of the open circle!”.

And the first e.p.a. European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteer will hopefully start his/her service at our office in autumn 2019!

With our Hamburg project Europa JUGEND Büro we continue to help and support young people to discover their mobility opportunity in Europe and worldwide by informing them about volunteer services, workcamps, work and travel, Au Pair and more.

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